Fridge Repair in Owensboro, Lexington, KY, and Surrounding Areas

Your refrigerator has the responsibility to keep your food fresh and cool. So if it has a problem, you may face a fridge full of spoiled items. Fortunately, Preferred Appliance Repair can fix any problem your Whirlpool refrigerator may have. Contact us today for refrigerator repair in Owensboro, KY, and surrounding areas.

When to Call Us

Even a small problem with your refrigerator can cause food to spoil. That’s why we want you to know when to call us for our repair services. Your fridge will show signs of a problem, like:

  • Temperature fluctuations: If you can’t seem to find the right temperature for your fridge, you may have a problem. If your food is spoiling even though the fridge is set to the right temperature, this is a sign that you need fridge repair.
  • Increased energy costs: Any appliance that needs repair could cause your energy costs to rise. When a fridge isn’t working efficiently, it requires more energy to run.
  • Odd noises: While refrigerators are a silent appliance, they shouldn’t make loud or obtrusive noises. When your fridge needs repairs, you may hear bangs or screeches that indicate a problem.
  • Ice or heat: An abundance of ice buildup can mean a problem with the fridge or freezer. Alternatively, an abnormally hot motor can be another sign you need to call us right away.

Any of these signs indicate a problem with your refrigerator. Our team of experience technicians can ensure the problem is fixed and your fridge is running smoothly in no time.

Why to Choose Us

We specialize in Whirlpool appliances, which means we have the experience and skills necessary to keep your appliances in great condition. We serve your family by keeping your fridge working.

Call us today at (844) 769-5046 or schedule an appointment online for our repair services.


Preferred Appliance Repair is proud to have received the Whirlpool WFCC Gold Achievement Award for the last six years, 2012 through 2017, and received the Lowes Repair Excellence Award in 2015, 2016, and 2017.